A Glimpse into Summerfuel in Barcelona

With so many fantastic Summerfuel programs going on around the globe, we wanted to give all of the Summerfuelers and their families a glimpse into this summer’s program in Barcelona. From classes and workshops, to excursions and activities, the group has been busy. Take a look below for the inside scoop!

The weekend provides us the opportunity to check out sights outside of Barcelona. On Saturday, we headed to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dalí museum. This museum is not any typical art museum. The art takes over the space so that even the architecture of the building itself is surreal in style. Students had the opportunity to listen to a tour about the artist and some of his most famous pieces.

After a visit to the museum and lunch in the town of Figueres, students headed to the beach L’escala to relax. They spent the afternoon on the beach and the evening dining out in the town. It was a great way to begin our last weekend here!