What Does It Mean to Learn “Leadership & Innovation”?

We can’t think of a better place to improve your Leadership & Innovation skills than at the world-renowned Columbia University. But what exactly will you be learning here? Take a peek at what you can expect to dive into this summer at Columbia:


-Foundation and tools of leadership

-Leadership styles and models

-Identity and introspection

-Management vs. leadership

-Effective communication


-Public speaking


-Leadership case studies

-Self-knowledge exercises

-Project management platform technology

After learning about themselves and different leadership styles, students deliver a TED-style talk on their natural leadership style and a leader who can be a role model on that style.


-Foundations and tools of innovation

-Innovation across industries

-Disruption and paradigm shifts

-Enabling innovation: organizational structures and environments

-Leading innovation

-Designing innovative solutions

-Facilitation skills

-Design and Systems thinking

-Industry-specific innovation case studies

-Collaboration platform technology

With a team, students will use design thinking process to create and pitch an innovative solution to a pressing problem in the industry of their choice.