Summerfuel Sparks a Passion – Lexi Reflects

Every summer, students from around the world are united at different Summerfuel programs. People from Germany become best friends with others in Texas – the connections made are truly incredible. Not only are students meeting peers they normally would never get to encounter, but they discover subjects they never knew they loved.

Lexi attended Summerfuel’s UMASS 2016 Program, which has since moved to Tufts University. Take a look at her story:


“Running filled with laughter and adrenaline. We had just stepped out of our Psychology Class which meant the ‘Elimination’ Tag game began. I made it past the building with few twists and turns where I made it to safety. This was an extraordinarily exciting game which took place throughout the entire 2 weeks. The counselors had organized this game and even took part in it. You met so many people because of it and it was always a great conversation starter. Here we were in UMASS; so many different nationalities together in the same camp. 

This was also the camp which sparked my passion for psychology. Today is the day that I sent off my college applications to apply as a Psych major! My teachers were brilliant and made every lesson exciting. It did not feel like an obligation or school work – it felt like free time. After this camp, I signed up for psychology classes and carried out work experience in this field. Not only did the psychology class help at this camp but also the SAT course which pushed up my grade by almost 200 points!

The people I met in these 2 weeks were super friendly and outgoing. I instantly made friends who I still talk to today, even though it was 2 years ago. I have even managed to meet up with a few of them! My roommate and I met in UMASS and were able to celebrate our birthdays together. Now we always think of each other even though we celebrate halfway across the world. I celebrate in Germany and she in Texas; these are our homes. 

This was an experience I will never forget. Thank you Summerfuel!”

Lexi, 17

Düsseldorf, Germany