What I Gained from Studying Abroad – A Summerfuel Staff Member Reflects

One of the greatest opportunities that Summerfuel offers students is the chance to “study abroad”. With programs all around the globe, students can travel internationally to learn, play, and, ultimately, change their lives. Although I didn’t have the chance to study abroad during high school, I did have an opportunity in college. I can say that it truly changed my life in an incredible way.

My Time in Peru

Born and raised in the USA, I felt lucky to get the chance to study abroad in Peru. Of course, I was nervous to travel away from all of my friends, family, and comforts of home. Little did I know that this would become the most priceless and transformative experience I would ever have. I traveled to various cities throughout Peru, lived in the jungle, witnessed the beauty of Macchu Picchu and more, all while studying Applied Anthropology and Arts & Crafts of South America.

Not only did I get to see sights I never would have seen otherwise, taste foods we certainly do not have in New Jersey (like alpaca and guinea pig!), and learn so many details of the Peruvian culture, but I also met the person that would become my very best friend to this day. I learned that there is a very big world out there and a whole other way of life, which helped put things in perspective for me; I discovered how to be independent and put myself out there; and learned to be brave. I am forever grateful for my experience abroad, and truly believe that anyone who has such an invaluable opportunity should take full advantage.

-Jayne W., Associate Director at Summerfuel