How to Destress During a Busy School Year

We all know that life can get stressful, especially during a busy school year. With extracurriculars, homework, midterms and finals, and maybe even college applications, there is no shortage of factors to add to the stress. It is so important to make sure that you take the time to unwind and relax. If you want to keep doing your best, getting those grades, and achieving your goals, staying focused and calm is key. Here are a few of our favorite ways to destress:

Indulge in your favorite food

When you are swamped with school work and busy studying for those exams, it is important to take time to sit down and have a meal away from the computer screen or text books. Enjoy tasting each bite of food, and take this time to give your brain a rest. Don’t be afraid to indulge in your favorite treat, but keep in mind that a balanced, healthy meal will leave you feeling most relaxed and ready to focus.

Take a study break and go for a walk

Sometimes a walk out in nature is all you need to decompress and give your mind and body that necessary recharge. Take in the sights, feel the breeze, breathe the fresh air – it doesn’t always need to be hard core exercise in order to do some good.

Watch your favorite TV show or movie

Taking some time to relax with a good flick is a great opportunity to give your brain the break it needs. Whether you like drama, thrillers, or comedy, an entertaining tv show or movie can provide a lovely escape from reality and set you up to get back to work with full concentration.

Hit the gym or take a yoga class

Beat that stress one push-up at a time! Exercise releases those feel-good endorphins that can help you clear your head and improve mood. Whether you lift weights, go for a run, do some yoga, or however else you like to get moving, exercise is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Spend quality time with family and friends

What better way to give yourself the energy and confidence you need to tackle the work that lies ahead, than by spending quality time with your loved ones? Good relationships are a major part of a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes your friends and family can give you the boost you need to overcome challenges.