Final projects, Museums, Socrates Sculture Park, Escape Room

Wow! If you can’t tell by the headline, today was a jam-packed day of awesome activities. In class, students presented their final group project in which they shared 10 pieces of art that they would use to form a collection. Veronique, the academic director at Christie’s Education, asked that they choose pieces around a theme of their choice and that some pieces fit the theme literally and some metaphorically. The themes they chose were Ethnicity, Reflection, and Light It was fascinating to hear their reasoning behind each piece they selected.

Next up was the Museum of the Moving Image. This museum paid homage to film, cartoons, actors, etc. It was a very hands-on museum. The students especially enjoyed being able to create their own Muppet and their own puppet show in the Jim Henson exhibition. It was also captivating to see some of the outfits, wigs, and makeup that actors have worn in their various roles.

Then, we visited a second museum today: the Noguchi Museum. The Noguchi Museum is housed in the former workspace of Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. After that, we walked just across the street to the Socrates Sculpture park. We were able to take in the amazing views of the Manhattan skyline while lounging in the park.

After dinner, we rounded out the evening with a trip to Clue Chase–an escape room in Midtown. Although students did not successfully escape, they earned a ton of points and had a good time. That’s what’s most important, right?

Tomorrow is our last full day, and we’re closing the program in a big way: a panel of street artists, a tour of New York City street art, and a final group dinner in Brooklyn!

Day 19: Sagrada Familia (por fin)

Since tomorrow is the day students will present their final projects, today was the last day of classes. Students in the photography class, enjoyed their final photo excursion between Plaza Cataluña and the halls of the University of Barcelona, which is a beautiful, old building with tiled floors and quaint courtyards.

In the afternoon, the majority of the program had tickets to see the world-renowned Sagrada Familia (finally!). Tomorrow, another small group of 13 students will also have the chance to go before the final dinner! Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia is still a work in process. In fact, the price of each ticket goes towards the construction of the final towers. It is said that Sagrada Familia will be finished in the year 2026 which will be 144 years after the first stone was laid. We hope the students will return to Barcelona in the future and have the opportunity to see the finished product, as we are sure it will be awe-inspiring.

Two smaller groups, one who enjoyed free time in the city center and the other which rested and packed their suitcases at the residence, were able to meet up with their friends for dinner around the Sagrada Familia to see it lit up at night! Buenas noches, bona nit, goodnight.


Mr. and Ms. Summerfuel!

Today was another packed day of fun! Students have continued to prepare their pitches, which will be this Thursday! During the afternoon, Rodney, one of our RAs, led meditation, and finally we had Mr. and Ms. Summerfuel in the evening. Students made outfits and had a fashion show!

Week 2


It seems like our students have been in Conil for a few months instead of 2 weeks. By now they know their way around Conil pretty well and they come and go speaking Spanish like a real conileños. Spanish classes are going great and afternoon workshops continue in full swing: at cooking they made a pasta bolognese (with pasta made from scratch), at Surfing you could already see a few students stand on their boards, during photography students climbed up to the emblematic Toro de Osborne to take photos, and at community service they lent a hand to the Alzheimer’s center staff.

Tomorrow we leave for Cordoba and Sevilla and we will be away for two nights. Our first stop will be Córdoba where we will visit the Mosque/Cathedral, the Jewish quarter and el Puente Romano (Roman times bridge). We will spend the night in Córdoba and on Saturday we will travel to Seville. In Seville we will visit the Royal Palace, Plaza de España, Barrio Judío and we will kayak in the Guadalquivir River. We will be back in Conil by 5:30 pm on Sunday. We will make sure to post lots of photos.

¡Hasta pronto!


What a Weekend!

On Saturday, 98 students boarded the buses and headed off to the famous Six Flags Amusement park for the day. We had beautiful sunny weather and all in all a great park adventure! On Sunday we took 92 students into San Francisco to explore the Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square area. Students had the chance to choose from three guided tours by our staff: Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, Walk Lombard street and Climb Coit Tower, or Ride a Cable Car up the hill or just venture around the area with their friends. Take a look at some of our adventures over the weekend:


Arrival day for Christie’s Art Now!

All students have arrived safe and sound at Columbia University for the Christie’s Art Now program! After students settled in and unpacked, we had a brief introductin to the program, a tour of campus, and then a couple rounds of “would you rather.” Let’s just say we learned some interesting things about our new friends! We finished the evening with some New York style pizza and cookies from the famous Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side. Tomorrow morning we head to Christie’s Education and then it’s off to MoMA in the afternoon!




Escape Room NYC


What a way to end a great first week of classes! Tonight we had a blast at Exodus Escape Room NYC. Grouped into four teams, we were given the challenge to escape a room with little information in each scenario. Still confused? Just ask our students and they can say it’s truly a unique experience, one you have to participate in to fully understand. All in all a great time!

Bike Trip


We had a great day today. In the morning, we had Spanish class and visited Conil’s Flea Market which happens every Friday. After lunch with the families, students gathered to bike to the nearby coves of Conil. It is not an easy ride but a beautiful one and the views and the beach we visit make it worth it. On La Cala del Aceite beach we paddle boarded (9 students on a really big paddle board) and had lot of fun staying on (and falling out) the board.

Tomorrow, we will be playing soccer against a Spanish team. We are so pleased to see that students have been making a lot of Spanish friends. They have each other’s phone numbers and make plans to go to the beach or meet at a cafe. We love it!

Hasta pronto,