Farewell Amherst!

All of the UMass Amherst Session 2 students checked out earlier today and were on the road beginning in the early morning hours as they headed to their next summer destination.  It was an emotional 2 day goodbye as groups left for Logan Airport in Boston, the Peter Pan bus or were picked up by their family.  As the sun sets here in western Massachusetts tonight, we officially close yet another wonderful, rewarding Summerfuel journey.  Best wishes to everyone in their future endeavors and thank you for the memories!IMG_3379 IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3377 IMG_3378

Amherst Awards Night

The final night has come and gone, however, before our students departed we honored them with several awards at our final banquet including:  Academic Excellence in the Classroom, Residential Living, Student Involvement & Community Service.IMG_3361 IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3364 IMG_3367

UMass Banquet Dinner

Although we heard rumbles of thunder in the distant sky after a very hot and humid day here in Amherst, no rain ever fell and we were able to kick off our final night festivities as the sun began to set.  It was fun to get dressed up a bit after our PM class to head to a formal dinner together on the 11th floor of the Campus Center.IMG_3353 IMG_3355 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3360 IMG_3351

UMass Mystery Luau Party

Last Friday night, the Amherst students dove into a fun mystery luau party as they tried to solve the whodunnit mystery game.  It’s amazing to think that it was just a week ago today that we dressing up for the indoor beach party!  Tonight, as we wrap up the program, we’ll be enjoying a dinner banquet together on the 11th floor of campus center, distributing various student awards, attending our final dance followed by some late night pizza and yearbook signing!  Let the marathon of farewell festivities begin…

IMG_3222 IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3226 IMG_3220

Service at the Food Bank

The Community Service workshop students finished out their last class by completing volunteer hours at the local food  bank in Amherst.  IMG_3346 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3345

Moo-ing in Amherst

It was a “Choose Your Group’s Adventure” day for the Leadership & Teambuilding workshop!  The students had to navigate through several decisions over the course of the class period in order to land up at their final destination that they all unanimously agreed upon.   In the end, it was the cows that brought them to the farm, better known as Flayvor’s Ice Cream.IMG_3338 IMG_3339 IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3342

Late Night Amherst Volleyball

Since it has typically been very hot in the 90s every day of the program, some of our sporting activities typically run after lunch were shifted to the evening hour after dinner.  Last night, while enjoying smores and grilled dogs, students hit the sand volleyball court for several impromptu matches.IMG_3334 IMG_3336 IMG_3333 IMG_3335 IMG_3337

Smores Under the Stars

Tuesday’s late night program at UMass Amherst was Smores Under the Stars.  Students gathered around a grill where we shared campfire memories, enjoyed some smores and mini-hot dogs.  We played sand volleyball and some soccer to wind down our day.  Weather was just perfect for the evening adventure just across the road from where we live on campus.IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3330 IMG_3331 IMG_3332