Good – Bye Conil…

Here are more photos from the final party.

Good- Bye, Conil

All good things come to an end and this one is no exception. What a month this has been and what a wonderful group we have had. This last statement I don’t say lightly. We have been running a summer program in Conil for 29 years and we can honestly say that this group of students is a really special one. We saw it from day one: the scenario was Madrid, 3 pm, 95 degrees; no one had slept much if anything at all on the plane and we just had finished lunch. We gathered the students and asked, “What you would like to do? We can go back to the hotel and rest for a bit or we can continue walking and sightseeing Madrid” The response was unanimous “we are exhausted but we want to keep going!” And that has been their attitude to the last day. Always enthusiastic, always curious, wanting to see, wanting to know, and always respectful and appreciative. Last night, we had our final party with all homestay families and staff (see photos below). Henry acted as MC and students recited a poem about their stay in Conil, Sebi and Esther sang a song with Jack at the guitar; and did a sketch about when you say to your homestay mom that you have had enough to eat you really mean it! Families kept coming to us to tell us about their American son or daughter, how much they enjoyed having them and how they were going to miss them. Because we have hopefully made an impact in their lives but students should know they have also made it in ours.

Our students are on their way to Madrid now. Once there we will walk a bit, visit the Reina Sofia Museum, that hosts Picasso’s famous painting “Guernica”, and take students for yet another final dinner. Then back to the hotel for a good night sleep and back to the US tomorrow.

Thank you Henry, Rose, Kara, Esther, Sarah, Audrey, Livvy, Ashley, Quinn, Caitlin, Jack, Julie, Sebi and Maddie, y ¡Hasta Pronto!


We Are Back

Students had a great time in Cordoba and Sevilla. They fell in love with Sevilla and didn’t want to leave. We did and saw so much, and they were interested in everything. What an amazing group this is! Here are a few photos from the trip.

Today we begin our last week of the trip but it ain’t over until is over and we have a full calendar. We will continue with the workshops and will visit Cadiz on Thursday. Students will present their final “Docu Conil” and will take their final exam on Friday. We will keep you posted.


We are getting on the Road…

This week we had movie night and pizza at Casa Summerfuel. It was a great summer night and the pizza was delicious although the movie left our students a bit puzzled…Spanish movies are a bit difficult to follow even for Spaniards. Students are getting better at surfing, cooking, painting and photography and the Alzheimer’s center is very happy with the volunteer work that the Summerfuel students are doing. In class, students are working on “Docu  Conil”, a video documentary of their experience in Conil. They work in groups of 2 or 3 people that chose a theme, and it requires to get out and about and interview different people from Conil. All documentaries are presented during last week of the program and the best one will receive a prize. On Friday we leave for Cordoba and Sevilla and will be back on Sunday. We have been asked for more photos so here they are!

Workshops: Surf, Painting, Fish Market…

Week 2

We had another really good week. On Tuesday during class our students met with a group of Spanish teenagers and they got to know each other in English and Spanish. I think everyone was comforted by the fact that Spaniards may speak their language well but they also have difficulty when learning a foreign one! Plans to meet again outside of the classroom were made so it was a great success. On Wednesday, we played basketball against a local team and even though we lost everyone had a great time. Friday we travelled to Gibraltar. It was a hot day but also a very clear one and the views of Africa were breathtaking. Students enjoyed the fact they could speak English to everyone, and of course the monkeys! They are everywhere and they say the day the monkeys leave Gibraltar will be the day Gibraltar stops being British. Who knows? It may happen before we know…

Week 1: Done!

We have been here for a week – how time flies! We had a really active weekend that we finished with a yoga class. There were a lot of giggles from the yoga newbies but everyone appreciated some stretching after all that bike riding. For the 4th of July and although it means little over here our students were (rightfully so) adamant to celebrate it. We played American Football on the beach and in the evening they hosted a traditional barbecue. They did everything: buy the food, burgers, hotdogs, corn, watermelon,  drinks, coal for the barbecue, decorations and even made cupcakes. We have never seen a group of students organize themselves so well! We are very lucky.