4th of July Fun

Although the students still had class today on the 4th of July holiday, the staff wanted to do something fun and interactive with the group.  The students took a quiz that gave them some insight as to what kind of leader they are.  Can you guess what your student scored?  Were they a Gold (organized and dependable), Blue (compassionate and caring), Orange (spontaneous and active), or Green (objective and rational).

Afterwards, we did some team building with the students where they mastered the “floating hula hoop” and also figured out a way to reach their goal outside of a circle they were confined to.  Check out these pictures of the campers working together!  We also have videos posted to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AsaSummerfuelStanford



Stanford Students Have Arrived!

They are here!  Many students had long days of travel yesterday (some were traveling to Palo Alto for 24 hours!) and were very tired upon their arrival, but excited to be here and meet all of the other students.

They had their first class this morning and are currently at the campus bike shop where they can rent a bike to get around campus.  Following their afternoon class, we will be working on getting internet set up this afternoon.

Day 1 is well on it’s way!  Be sure to like us on Facebook to get other up-to-date news and photos (https://www.facebook.com/AsaSummerfuelStanford)

Pictures will follow soon!  We will also be having the RA staff and students write their own blog post occasionally, so check back often to see what they’re up to.