Bonjour Summerfuel 2017!

In just a little over a week, Kenny and I will arrive at the lycée Masséna to begin preparing for the best summer ever! Along with Makalah, we are ready to show you everything that the French Riviera has to offer! Check out some pictures below, read about the staff, and get pumped!

 Lycée Masséna

 Nice and Villefranche-sur-mer

(Villefranche is a city near Nice that we will visit!)

 Meet the Staff

Ashleighblog (Director): Bonjour tout le monde! This is my 9th summer with Summerfuel and my second     year as Director of Summerfuel Nice. I can’t wait to show you everything I love about this amazing city. I   live in Vermont and teach high school French. I love to travel, read, and spend time outside with my doggies.

Kenny (Assistant Director): My name is Kenny and I will be the Assistant Director. This will be my third Summer in Nice. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I graduated from Boston College in 2015 with a B.A. in Sociology and French. I am currently doing a Masters degree in Economics and Businesblog1s at Sciences Politiques in Paris. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and cooking. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Makalah (Resident Adviser): Hi, my name is Makalah and I’m from Springfield, Massachusetts. This is my second year as a Summerfuel RA.  After graduating from Salem State University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Theater and French in 2016, I woSummerfuel Staff Picturerked at Summerfuel Boston before participating in the Teaching Assistant Program in France. During the program, I worked and lived in Northern France for seven months. I’m excited to be back in France again, and of course to meet everyone this year!

Summerfuel Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

Summerfuel’s Immersion Programs Deliver Amazing Experiences

It’s no secret that learning another language is difficult. The subtle nuances, dialects, and slang of a language are often hard to capture in a classroom setting and, because of this, students may feel that they are not learning a language as well as they could be. Luckily, Summerfuel language and cultural immersion programs are available to provide students with a summer study abroad trip that will not only help to develop their chosen language skill, but will also help them to experience the cultural aspects of the language that they are studying. In today’s post, we wanted to go into some more detail about our summer study abroad programs in order to give you, the reader, a better idea of what you or your child can expect from these programs. Continue reading below to learn more!

Study Spanish in Bustling Barcelona

One of our most popular study abroad trips brings students to the beautiful city of Barcelona located in the northwest region of Spain near the French border. Barcelona is regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, boasting some of the finest architecture and cuisine that the continent has to offer while also enjoying a temperate climate thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. During this summer study abroad program, students will be given three weeks of Spanish language immersion instruction from ESADE, Spain’s top ranked private university, in an urban environment to better provide them with the language skills that they need to effectively communicate with native Spanish speakers. Before the program begins, students are placed in groups based upon their proficiency with Spanish language, however, it is not necessary for a student to be able to speak Spanish in order to enroll in the program. Supplementing the academic aspect of the program, students are also given ample opportunities to explore the city of Barcelona and experience a unique twist on traditional Spanish culture. For those individuals looking to experience the Spanish language in a new way, our Barcelona program is the perfect choice.

Immerse Yourself in Nice, France

Located along the pristine coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Nice, France is the perfect place to study the French language in a natural, urban setting. During this program, students are able to enjoy one-of-a-kind opportunities to combine their academic knowledge of the French language with day-to-day life in France, improving their comprehension of the language while simultaneously experiencing the culture that birthed it. Under the tutorage of professors from the University of Nice, students are able to perfect their French language skills in a dynamic learning environment geared toward the study of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary as well as focussing on improving student’s listening and speaking skills. Like all of our language immersion programs, students are divided into groups based upon their personal skill level with the French language and it is not necessary for a student to be fluent in French before signing up. To supplement their language classes, students are able to pick between four separate electives during the program including International Relations, Art History, Photography, or fashion Design. In addition to all of this, multiple excursions are available to students, allowing them to explore the rich historical and cultural offerings that the city of Nice has to offer. This program not only increases students’ proficiency levels in the French language, but also allows them to experience French culture, architecture, and cuisine.

Experience Authentic Spanish Culture With a Homestay Program

The last summer study abroad program that we offer for our high school level students looking to increase their Spanish language skills is also one of the most rewarding programs that we offer. Over the past 30 years, Summerfuel has diligently worked to develop relationships with carefully selected homestay families to provide students with an experience unlike any other. The two towns selected for this program, Cádiz and Conil, are located in the Andalusian area of Spain along the country’s southern Atlantic Coast. Both of these towns can trace their heritage all the way back to the 5th century and offer students a fun, unfiltered way to immerse themselves in Spanish culture. During this program, students will stay with a preselected family and attend daily Spanish classes with a focus on grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. In addition to daily classes, students are offered specialized workshops that are held one to two times a week and focus on either Community Service, Spanish Cooking, Soccer, Surfing, Watercolor Painting, or Photography. Supplementing the academic workload, daily excursions are planned to allow students the opportunity to experience the surrounding beauty of the Spanish countryside. If you or your child are looking for an authentic Spanish study abroad program, this program is the perfect choice.

If you would like to learn more about our summer study abroad programs, please do not hesitate to contact us today or visit our website. At Summerfuel, we leverage our decades of experience to provide high school students with study programs that help improve their academic performance while also providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. Contact us today and let’s get started!

More pictures from our final diner

Everyone is now on their way home! I want to thank you so very much for all of your support this summer. What an amazing group of kids! Be well!

IMG_4620 IMG_4638 IMG_4624 IMG_4632 IMG_4640

Last Night

For our final dinner, we enjoyed a seaside meal at Beau Rivage beach. The food was amazing and everyone had a great time! After dinner, we came back to the lycee for a slideshow and superlatives. A memorable final night in Nice! IMG_3326

Eze, Monaco, Menton and St. Tropez!!!

This past weekend was the students’ final excursion. It was a jam packed weekend with trips to Eze, Monaco, and St. Tropez. In Eze, the students went on a tour of the Fragonard Parfumerie and explored the exotic gardens. Then, we headed off to Monaco where students had choices to attend the Prince’s Palace, Car Museum, Tourist Train, and the Aquarium. After leaving Monaco, we all hopped on our bus and had RA group dinners in Menton, a little beach town right on the border of Italy.

On Sunday, we hopped on a ferry and spent the day in  St. Tropez at the home of one of the students, Beatrice Laudau. Here are some of the pictures from our festivities!IMG_4457 IMG_4459 IMG_4483 IMG_4484 IMG_4487 IMG_4488 IMG_4489 IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4506 IMG_4513 IMG_4518 IMG_4519 IMG_4524 IMG_4525 IMG_4526 IMG_4528 IMG_4531 IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4534 IMG_8357 IMG_8375 IMG_8460 IMG_8469 IMG_8474 IMG_8604 IMG_8616

Fun around Nice!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the movies on Tuesday night, the beach on Wednesday, the talent show last night, and tea at the Negresco today! Enjoy!

IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4400

IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4396 IMG_4397


IMG_4421 IMG_4417 IMG_4420 IMG_4418 IMG_4422


IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4436 IMG_4444


Île de Porquerolles

Sunday’s excursion was filled with nature and beautiful sunshine! All the students woke up very early to start their journey towards Porquerolles, a beautiful island off the coast of Hyeres. Students enjoyed the great outdoors by going on a beautiful bike ride, and then relaxed on some of Porquerolles beautiful beaches!

IMG_4373 IMG_4372 IMG_4368 IMG_4371 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4365 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4362 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4349 IMG_4354 IMG_4348

Friday Night Fun

After a long day of classes, students met in the common room of the dormitories for a night of games! We started with ‘The Dress Up Game’. Students were split into three groups and given dress up themes. Some of the themes included dress like: an Olympic athlete, Vermont hipster, tourist, etc. The winners of the Dress Up Game were: Davis, Beatrice, Phoenix, and Olivia!

After the game we played Mafia!  Overall, we had a great, long day.


IMG_4323 IMG_4324 IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329 IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4338